Jigsaw Reflection Standards: “2.1 Teachers know the content they teach and use their knowledge of content-area concepts, assumptions and skills to plan instruction.” This standard applies because I now know all about jigsaw learning and how to plan a jigsaw activity in my own classroom having experienced and gone through the process myself.
“7.2 Teachers take responsibility for engaging in continuous, purposeful
professional development.” This applies to this reflection because by reflecting on myself and my colleagues I am engaging in professional development by thinking about what went well, what didn’t, and what I can improve. This is a valuable tool for any activity or lesson I ever introduce in the classroom in the future.

Jigsaw Presentation Standards: “3.5 Involve learners in self-assessment & goal setting” This standard applies because having done the jigsaw activity I know that it involves a lot of independent work along with group collaboration, but the group is not completely working together unless each person takes responsibility for their own task of information before coming together and sharing that with their peers.
“2.4 Teachers understand the relationship of knowledge within the discipline to
other content areas.” This applies to the jigsaw presentation because each slide connects a different classroom learning model to multiple different subjects and contents and how these models can be implemented.


App Share Standards: “1.2 Teachers understand what students know and are able to do, and use this knowledge to meet the needs of all students.” This applies to the app share because when choosing which apps to use in the classroom I as a teacher will be assessing my students and then using the app information to decide which ones are suited best to which of my students.
“4.5 Teachers differentiate instruction to support the learning needs of all students, including students identified as gifted and students with disabilities.” This standard is applied to the App Share because by choosing different apps I am deciding what will be more beneficial to gifted versus children with disabilities, as there are so many multitudes of apps to help with different ages and abilities.
“6.3 Teachers collaborate effectively with other teachers, administrators and school
and district staff.” This standard on collaboration is important for the app share because all of us as future teachers and cohorts came up with apps specific to our area we wish to teach and shared with each other. This is effective now and later on in the school and classroom setting.